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Private Investigator Vancouver

Hire a Private Investigator in Vancouver today

Private Investigation Vancouver


Let New Data Inform Your Decisions

Vancouver Private Investigators
Private Detective Vancouver
PI Vancouver
Private Investigator Vancouver
Vancouver Private Detectives
Private Eye Vancouver
Private Investigators Vancouver BC


Vancouver PI

BC Domestic Private Investigations

Family Matter Investigations

Mr. & Ms. Atawl

The best service I had.....I was worth spending money to put life back on the track. Very comfortable to talk and get results in less than 15 hours 

Detective Vancouver PI

President & CEO

BC Corporate Investigation 

Mr. Tse

New Data  was extremely quick, efficient, detail-oriented, and effective. If you need a job done you'll want Sean on your side. Thank you Sean!

Private Investigators Vancouver


Private Investigation Legal Support

Ms. McConnell

I have worked with Sean at for over 15 years in the legal industry, where he has provided invaluable assistance on many of our files. Whether you need to locate someone, have background research done, or physical surveillance conducted.....,

Vancouver Private Investigation
Private Eye Vancouver BC
Private Eye Vancouver

Vancouver Background Checks or Vancouver Cyber Background Profiling is often necessary, informative, and essential for many business and personal needs.  Vancouver Private Investigators are able to provide comprehensive and detailed information.  Engage a Vancouver Private Investigator for a background investigation for business or personal reasons. A Background Check can make all the difference and supports informed decisions. 

Call to inquire about a Private Investigation in Vancouver and for more details on what Vancouver Private Investigators are able to do. & How much does it cost to hire a Vancouver Private Investigator? 

Vancouver Surveillance Services or Vancouver Mobile Surveillance is often necessary to obtain real-time information and evidence. Vancouver Private Investigators are able to provide surveillance pertaining to Legal Support, Insurance Claims, and Domestic & Family Matters. 


Vancouver Private Investigators are skilled at using the tool of surveillance to covertly provide evidence to enhance their client's ability to make informed, litigious, and at times life-changing decisions.   


Call a Private Investigator in Vancouver for more details.  

Vancouver Private Investigators conduct a variety of Vancouver Investigative Services throughout the province of British Columbia. 

Vancouver Private Eyes provide Investigative Support for Legal Counsels, Adjusters, Claims Managers, and key decision-makers for many reasons or scenarios.


​Such as but not limited to: 


Vancouver Risk Solutions - Vancouver Legal Support - Vancouver Integrity Audits - Vancouver Fraud Investigations - Vancouver Due Diligence - Vancouver Undercover Operations -  Locating Missing People in Vancouver - Vancouver Surveillance & Vancouver Background Checks 

Private Investigation Vancouver
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